Another Possible Function for Ötzi the Iceman’s Stone Ring and Thongs

My partner Diana and I were discussing my first post yesterday, and she suggested that the item I was calling a game harness could have been used for fishing.

I pondered the concept this evening.

The stone disc could have easily been a fishing weight.  At the end of the nine leather thongs, hooks with bait could have been attached. After connecting a long piece of cordage to the loop a the end near the ring the whole thing could have been been thrown into the water.  Wooden hooks would have helped it all stay upright.

Seems like something a lot of people in the village would do if there were old spindle whorls lying around.

I also decided to experiment and took a piece of birch polypore and threw it into a sink full of water tonight.  Wow does it float.

Did the Iceman use the birch fungus to make bobbers?

Thank you Diana.  You might have been right. 🙂 Registered & Protected

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